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Pebblecrete Pool Repairs


What is pebblecrete ? 

Pebblecrete is a thin layer of 10 to 15mm concrete cover mixed with a variety of small pebbles which are then exposed to create pebblecrete. Over time cracks can occur in pebblecrete pools leaving a sharp edge and a weak point for calcium to build up on and under. Left untreated cracked pebblecrete can eventually de laminate from the pools concrete shell as shown in the picture on the right.

Why does pebblecrete crack?

Pebblecrete can crack for a number of reasons. One can be too much concrete was washed out when exposing the pebblcrete leaving the pebblecrete layer with not enough concrete to properly bind and create strength between the pebbles and the concrete. Pebblecrete can also crack if it has been applied too thin or it has dried out too quickly when it has been applied.

How to repair pebblecrete in pools?

Pebblecrete is a dying art in the pool industry with all the new pool render surfaces available today. So finding someone who is willing to fix your pebblecrete can be a chore in itself. Pebblcrete is created by mixing just the right amount of concrete to pebble ratio and washing off the correct amount of concrete slurry to expose the pebblecrete. It takes years of practice to be able to pebblecrete like a professional and if you are not comfortable with doing this Brisbane Pool Repairs and Pressure Cleaning are more than qualified to fix any pebblcrete issues you may have in and around your pool.

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