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Concrete Pool Repairs and Rust
Removal - Brisbane

Brisbane Pool Repairs | Concrete Pool Repairs

Recent Work


Take a look at what we are are working on right now! Pebblecrete repairs, rust repairs, tile repairs and so much more. Hopefully your pool repairs will become part of our recent work. We are proud to show off our handy work below.

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Pool Resurfacing


Repairing your swimming pool is more cost effective than having to resurface the entire pool. Typically pool resurfacing can cost between 10 to 15 thousand dollars. The pool repair options is a fraction of the cost of this a far more cost effective way to extend the life of your swimming pool. Call today for a free quote and fast, friendly service. Discover how much money you will save.

Before and After Pictures

Quartzon Pool Repair | Rust removal

Rust Stains

Rust stains in a pool is never something that should be ignored. Sometimes rust marks are just surface stains from something that has fallen into the pool and sat in one spot causing a rust stain. These type of stains can usually be treated by your local pool shop with specialty pool chemicals.

Other rust stains in your pool are the cause of the pool water coming into contact with the steel work in the concrete of your pool. These type of stains will only grow over time as the rust spreads through the rio bars in your pool. When steel rusts it expands and caused the pool surface to bulge. The longer a problem like this is ignored the worse it will get and will cost your more and more if left untreated.

At Brisbane Pool Repairs and Pressure Cleaning we treat the rust in the pool at root level by first cutting away the pool surface to expose the steel work then we treat the rusted area to ensure the problem doesn't reoccur. Once we have treated the rusting steel work in the pool we then apply the finished pool surface.

Pebblecrete Pool Crack | Perfect Pool Repairs

Pebblecrete Pool Repairs


What is pebblecrete ? 

Pebblecrete is a thin layer of 10 to 15mm concrete cover mixed with a variety of small pebbles which are then exposed to create pebblecrete. Over time cracks can occur in pebblecrete pools leaving a sharp edge and a weak 

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Structural Pool Cracks


Structural pool cracks can occur for a number of reasons. It might be that your pool has subsided causing extra stress on the pool shell or a tree root that has lifted a section of concrete. Both of these situations can have devastating effects on the pool structure and can lead to visible cracks in your pool that can result in your pool leaking water. At Brisbane Pool Repairs and Pressure Cleaning we are more than equipped to handle any pool crack.

Brisbane Pool Repairs and Pressure Cleaning | Structural Pool Cracks

Brisbane Pool Repairs and Pressure Cleaning

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